Trevor Southey
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There is more good in the worst of us, and lots of bad in the best of us, so the best we can do is to not judge one another. The most important religion of our time is that of kindness.

Trevor Southey
1940 - 2015




The Warriors
Represented by Dabakis-Justesen Fine Art
The Book
”A collection of Trevor Southey's art would be lyrical and compelling in the absence of commentary or written authorial musings. Interleaf the artist's own inward reflections...” - Robert Flynn Johnson

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oil on canvas (Sold)

Dark Light
Dark Light
oil on canvas, bronze, cast resin

read some of Trevor's thoughts behind the creation of Dark Light
oil on canvas (Sold)
View the slideshow of the Warriors collection.
Kind Words

“I have just visited your web-page - yes! really! - And am struck dumb by your “Warriors” - even as displayed on a miserable little screen – the life-size real thing must be very powerful...”

“Prodigal Son," .... Readers' reactions caught editors Martha Bradley and Allen Roberts off guard...”

“I am continuously moved by your artwork on a level that I can not even comprehend. It is intoxicating...”

"I just wanted to tell you that I watched the short film of your clay rendering of St. Francis of Assisi. All I can say is Oh My God! It's one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. It is just going to be overwhelming when cast in bronze. Take care and be well."


Assisi, view a slide show of clay production of the sculpture for the Cathedral of Hope, Dallas and video of production and dedication. Video courtesy of Cathedral and Shawn Northcutt, ICY Productions.

Click Here For Assisi Page

... and the river god flew
oil on canvas

See Trevor on the FRONTLINE Special “the Mormons”

visit PBS’s website and watch the show (chapter 22)

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Joseph Smith- Three Views
oil on canvas
bronze and steel

“New Bloom” on display at the Springville Museum of Art

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15 Bytes article, “Eyes on Trevor Southey
by Shawn Dallas Stradley

New York Times review of “The Mormons”


Drawing the Human Figure” This video features Trevor Southey working at his craft while discussing specific art techniques.